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In 2004 Yuliya traveled to Russia and visited the Kaliningrad Hospice made passible by the donations of foreign benefactors in 2002. The Kaliningrad Hospice is inpatient facility which is a part of the Kaliningrad City Hospital No.5. The initial funds were sufficient to launch the program and equip 15 beds for terminally ill hospice patients. However, funds for hospice maintainance including medications, medical furniture and equipment were quite scarce. In 2004 Yuliya met with the Chief Medical Doctor of hospice (Ludmila Siglaeva) and discussed its shortages and critical needs so that Midwest for Kaliningrad may help with purchasing specific items.
Because of significant budget cuts, the Kaliningrad Hospice does not have sufficient funds to purchase various medical items such as: pressure reduction matresses (for patients with bed sores), bed pans, catheters, specialized medical beds, medical matresses and other medical equipment and supplies. In July 2009, Yuliya met with current Chief Medical doctor of the Kaliningrad City Hospital No. 5 Dr. Alla Velikaya and Chief of the Hospice facility Dr. Kira Skripacheva, and the ways of cooperation were discussed. Currently, the Kaliningrad Hospice houses 60 residents and majority of them are homeless individuals diagnosed with serious and/or terminal illnesses. Historically the main pool of the hospice residents has been formed of the oncology patients; however, admission of such patients have been recently discontinued due to the expiration of the state license for purchasing and administering narcotic substances crucial for providing palliative or end-of-life care. However, Yuliya was assured by the Hospice's authorities that as soon as the license is reinstated (presumably in the beginning of September 2009) admission of the cancer patients will be immediately resumed. Midwest for Kaliningrad has committed to contunuing to help the Kaliningrad Hospice with medications, medical equipment and other supplies for the sake of its residents.