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Come see us at the next fundraising event at 5pm on October 1st, 2016. The event will be held at Dr. Linda Miller's house.

Welcome To Midwest For Kaliningrad

Midwest for Kaliningrad is non-profit organization that was started in July 2002, by a Russian immigrant (Yuliya Antropova-Elder) who felt compelled to do SOMETHING to help the people of her country. Most Russian immigrants who come to the United States soon find themselves with homes, jobs, televisions, cars and other possessions that would be considered unattainable luxuries for the average Russian. Customarily, these settled immigrants share their good fortune by sending money and packages to their relatives and friends back in Russia. However, what about all those people who are not fortunate enough to have relatives in the United States? Midwest for Kaliningrad was formed to help these people. Although there are thousands of individuals throughout Russia who are living in conditions of desperate poverty and are lacking basic healthcare services, Midwest for Kaliningrad has chosen to focus on two programs in Yuliya's hometown of Kaliningrad.

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Personal Story


My name is Yuliya Antropova-Elder. I am a native of Kaliningrad, Russia and immigrated to the United States in 1998. I live in Rochester, Minnesota. Midwest for Kaliningrad came about because of a newspaper article. I was reading an on-line newspaper of my hometown and found out that the Kaliningrad Regional Oncology Clinic was given only $10,000 as an annual budget. I was greatly astounded by that fact. What can you do with $10, 000 for more than 140 patients? How is it possible to use such a small amount of money to pay for equipment, instruments, medications, various medical supplies, food, doctors' salaries, maintenance etc.? By that time I had lived in the United States for almost four years, and I had some idea of approximate amounts of money that are being spent daily, weekly, monthly and ANNUALLY in the USA for a medical facility of such size. Comparing those amounts certainly points out the injustice of Russian method of budgeting of the health system.
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