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Nursing Home

The Kaliningrad Nursing Home, with a capacity to house only 25 people, is one of only two nursing homes in a city of 500,000 people. Understandably, it has a long list of people waiting to get in. Due to lack of funds, routine maintenance has not been done, and the building is seriously rundown. Both the plumbing and wiring are old and unreliable, and in desperate need of repair. During her 2002 trip to Russia, Yuliya met with the Director of the Kaliningrad Nursing Home, Ms. Lubov Tishkova and some of her staff, who were pleased to show her around the facility. After visiting with the staff and residents the following items were discovered to be the highest priority needs: The Nursing Home does not have sufficient funds to buy:
* Basic medications commonly needed for the elderly for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stomach problems, routine infections, etc.
* Basic Medial Equipment needed for monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc., let alone anything as sophisticated as a heart monitor.
* Basic Sanitary Supplies: gauze, bandages, antiseptics, adult diapers, bad pads etc.
2009 Update Currently due to significant budget cuts, the Kaliningrad Nursing Home has been combined with a larger facility "Sosnovyi Bor" located in Zaostrovie, Kaliningradskoi Oblast. However, its physical location and number of residents remained the same. Because of drastic reduction in the city's subsidies, the Nursing Home's financial situation and shortage of the above-listed necessities have become even more alarming. Regardless of the organizational restructuring, Midwest for Kaliningrad has committed to contunuing to help the Nursing Home with medications, medical equipment and other supplies for the sake of its elderly residents. To see yearly accomplishments and purchases made by Midwest for Kaliningrad for the Kaliningrad Nursing Home click here.