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Oncology Clinic

In October of 2002 Yuliya went to Russia and visited both the Oncology Clinic. She spoke with the Chief of the Clinic Director of Kaliningrad Oncology Clinic Mr. Dovlaterii Dadyanov and Chief Doctor of the Clinic Mr. Velvil Mirochnik. Yuliya was given a tour of the facilities and talked to employees and patients; also she was allowed to take some pictures (Pictures). Moreover, she discussed with the authorities their financial situation and the shortages they face. In 2002 the following information was relayed to Yuliya by the Oncology Clinic's authorities. Basic Medical Equipment and Supplies: The Clinic is an inpatient cancer treatment facility with 140 beds. It is staffed by 7 physicians and a small staff of assistant personnel. The physicians' current monthly salary was about $250.00 in 2008. In 2002, the clinic had a total annual budget of $10,000 (subsidized strictly by the Russian government, no private funding is available). In 2000 the clinic suffered severe damage from a fire, which resulted in their entire budget for 2001 having to be used for repairs and reconstruction. This seriously magnified the previously existing shortages of supplies, equipment and other necessary items. Due to strict customs regulations it can be very difficult and expensive to import medical equipment. There are, however, some companies in Russia specially licensed to import medical equipment and supplies manufactured in Europe. However, even for the limited amounts of equipment that may be available, the Clinic has NO money to buy them. Additionally, one of the crucial topics discussed with the Oncology Clinic's authorities was the lack of phycological support for the patients diagnosed with cancer. Initiation of the cancer patients support groups, Therefore, the Clinic would benefit most from financial contributions to purchase equipment locally. In order to avoid possible misuse and misallocation of public donations, Yuliya regularly traveled to Russia at her own expense to make necessary purchases on behalf of the Clinic.
2009 Update
In July 2009 Yuliya traveled to Russia and met with the Chief of the Clinic Director of Kaliningrad Oncology Clinic Dr. Dovlaterii Dadyanov. Dr. Dadyanov relayed the following news to Yuliya. Because of radical budget cuts, the Kaliningrad Oncology Clinic is going to be restructured and all its oncology patients will be transferred to the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital. They will be hospitalized on the multidisciplinary wards according to the deceased organs. For example, a patient with prostate cancer will be placed in the urology department ward, a patient with cancer of the esophagus will be placed in the gastroenterology department ward and so on. Unfortunately, such re-structuring may jeopardize the health condition of volnerable cancer patients requiring care and equipment specifically designed for the oncologycal needs. It is our understanding that as of right now, the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital is not equipped with such personnel and equipment. Also, it appears that many doctors from the Oncology clinic will be laid off, and it is unclear at this point whether Dr. Dadyanov will be able to secure his employment with the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital. Pursuant to Dr. Dadyanov's comments, more information concerning the ways of our future collaboration may become available in the beginning of September. Regardless of the above-described re-structuring, Midwest for Kaliningrad has committed to contunuing to help the oncology patients with medications, medical equipment and other supplies through the authorities at the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital. More updates will follow.